Add places

Capture the moment by adding the place you are now. The iPhone’s GPS will find you, so you can journal those vacations without data roaming. Or plan a trip by adding places anywhere else on the map. Use search to find those places quickly.

Organize with collections

Sometimes you just want to see where you got all those speeding tickets. Or where you caught some fish. Or what you visited in San Francisco. Easy, when you organize your Rego places in collections.

Add photos and notes

Places aren’t just pins on a map. They’re where things happen! Friend laughing. Dishes served. Bags unpacked. Capture those memories in notes and beautiful photos.

Share with a friend

Rego is private. Nobody sees what you add to Rego. But sometimes you’ll want to share a place with a friend—or even the whole world—and Rego makes that easy. Shared places import directly in Rego, making it perfect for, “Let’s meet up here!”

Yet another social network?

Absolutely not. We built Rego to be private; it's for your places. You can share a place with someone, but there are no friends lists, following people or “feeds”.

No service. No problem.

Rego uses the iPhone’s GPS to find your location, so you can document your trip without concern for phone service or data roaming.

Navigate there.

When you’re ready to go, just open a Rego place in Apple Maps, Google Maps or TomTom for navigation, and you’ll be on your way.